The 3 big obstacles to recovery from a neurological disease: understand them and turn them into levers for your improvement

Do you have a neurological disease and struggle to see real results? 

This article is for you

What you are about to read is the first in a mini-series of articles I have written to help you understand what is probably hindering your improvements.

We will delve into the nature of these obstacles and see how you can turn them into strengths for more effective rehabilitation and more satisfying results.

But let us start in order, introducing you to the basics to begin this journey of change.


Where to start

When you fight a neurological disease and undergo gruelling treatments and strenuous rehabilitation, there is only one reason: 

achieve results


You want to see improvements after those heavy sacrifices, to take charge of your life and improve the quality of your days

But unfortunately, this path is not always easy.

What you have to face is a battle that is fought over time and whose path is long and uncertain; sometimes having to deal with so many issues that you risk losing hope even before you leave. 

What can you do, then?

When faced with a complex problem, it is essential to put things in order and formulate a strategy to make it as productive as possible, to help you achieve the results you set out to achieve. 

Let’s see how. 


The Strategy

“Strategy is to identify and plan the best possible process to move from the current situation to the desired one.” 

                                                                                                  Roberto Ruggeri


To achieve a result, you must clearly define the goal you want to achieve.

However, this is not enough

In addition to the ‘Where‘, it is also important to define the ‘How‘, i.e. the steps needed to reach that goal; because it is through them that you can concretely advance towards your goal. 

“And how do I know which steps are the right ones?”

Before you even worry about how to move forward, stop and observe what is preventing you from taking those same steps. 

Instead of spending extra energy in moving towards your goal, it is important that you understand the nature of the obstacles that are keeping you grounded: the ‘mistakes’ that are preventing you from improving. 

It is through this step that you can begin to unleash your potential for improvement

It is like running a car race with a car that constantly has the handbrake on: you give the engine gas but, even with five hundred horsepower under the bonnet, your car will start at a disadvantage and probably won’t even finish the race

Understanding what the main obstacles are and understanding how to remove them is a fundamental prerequisite that will enable you to go faster on your path to recovery, but above all, much further

So let’s talk about obstacles: the limits to optimal work. 


Obstacles to your neurological rehabilitation

The factors that can hinder the recovery of a person with a neurological disease are many and often difficult to detect

However, there are some lowest common denominators, some constants that I have found in my patients, which have often slowed down their rehabilitation path and limited the results they seek. 

I will tell you about these ‘brakes’ in a moment. 

“And once I understand what obstacles are binding me, what is the next step?”

Understand the problem in order to use it to your advantage. 

The next step is very simple: 

Understanding in depth what is blocking you, often gives you clues as to how to make a quality leap.

It is precisely by understanding these major limitations that solutions can arise to make a difference in your journey, laying the foundations for more effective rehabilitation and more concrete results


Turn the 3 obstacles into your 3 levers of change

The topic is quite vast and, to make it easier for you to read, I have divided it into three in-depth articles

In this series, I introduce you to the three heavy brakes that block almost all people who are dealing with a neurological problem. 

Continuing within each article, we will see how to turn these obstacles into the accelerators of your recovery, to optimise your results

Enjoy the reading.


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Anticipating and removing the obstacles that stand between you and your goal allows you to find alternative solutions that can make a difference in your battle against a neurological disease, achieving more satisfying results through more effective rehabilitation

I hope that this mini-series of articles will be of use to you.  


“True power only comes from an intelligently organised and properly directed effort.”

                                                                                           Napoleon Hill


Have a good rehabilitation. 


Don’t procrastinate! Be your own change now. Read the articles on this site for your most effective neurological rehabilitation.

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